Classes will be given at The Harringay Club, 50 Tottenham Lane, Hornsey, London. N8 7EE (Tel: 020 8348 2124) every Thursday. For more information, please call 07757 804693 or info@veoveo.co.uk

Veo Veo is a fun and effective program that teaches students essential Spanish words and phrases through a wide variety of activities. These activities will be adapted to meet the needs and ability levels of the students.

It is well known that children have a natural ability to learn and appreciate new languages and they will find this program very easy to follow.

Veo Veo is a program which also introduces some knowledge of the cultures where we can find Spanish as a first language, so students not only will know how to communicate in Spanish, but also to understand and discover new cultures.

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  • Principal Beatriz Betancort BA in Modern Languages Studies
  • CRB checked
  • Registered with Ofsted
  • Group age 4-7